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    Not Just Another Boba Business

    We truly shine among the boba businesses crowd. While most focus primarily on milk tea beverages and target a limited audience, at Boba Nation we proudly extend a warm invitation to all. Our menu is a testament to diversity, offering a multicultural experience where everyone is welcome!

    Average Unit Volume


    Average Unit Volume - Our Average Unit Volume (AUV) is $750,000*. Find out more about your earning potential in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes Item 19.

    Initial Investment

    $350K - $495K

    Initial investment for Boba Nation is between $350K and $495K*, which is lower when compared to average investment in the fast-casual industry, which is at $764,395. This makes investing in Boba Nation a more accessible opportunity.

    The Business Opportunity

    (The global market for Milk Tea and Smoothie combined is valued at $30 billion in 2023)

    Now is the time to join Boba Nation, a thriving enterprise offering a diverse selection of over 250 delicious and nutritious food and beverage options. Boba Nation is currently experiencing an exhilarating phase with record-breaking sales and robust growth. The thriving multibillion-dollar beverage industry is on the rise, and so is our business.

    In 2022, our leading stores achieved an impressive Average Unit Volume (AUV) of 750K. This is the perfect moment to become a part of Boba Nation as we are currently extending franchise opportunities to enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Take advantage of this incredible offer and enjoy sweet success.


    What Sets Boba Nation Apart

    Unmatched Franchise Support

    We are committed to providing our franchisees with unparalleled assistance and resources to ensure their success. From the moment you join our franchise family, you'll have access to a dedicated support team ready to guide you through every aspect of your business journey. Whether it's Real estate and construction assistance, comprehensive training programs, ongoing marketing support, or operational guidance, we are here to empower you. Our goal is not just to help you start a franchise but to help you thrive and achieve your business goals.

    Cutting Edge Technology

    We have fully harnessed the power of technology to enhance our customer experience. Our commitment to modernization is evident through various initiatives:

    Interactive Website: Customers can easily browse our offerings and even place orders in advance, making their visit to Boba Nation seamless and convenient.

    Mobile App with Loyalty: Our dedicated mobile app allows customers to place orders for pickup and delivery right from their smartphones and earn loyalty points.

    Third-Party Partnerships: We have partnered with third-party delivery services which not only increase our reach but also make it convenient for customers to place orders.

    Dynamic Digital Menu: Our digital menu is animated and is managed centrally to ensure that our customers always have access to the latest updates and promotions.

    Continuous Development

    At Boba Nation, we firmly believe that settling for "good enough" falls short of our standards. Our unwavering commitment is to be the best. This entails an ongoing dedication to enhancing every aspect of our service to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction. Continuous research and development of our beverages are integral components of our strategy.

    Top 5 Reasons for our Success

    Business Model

    Our Business Model is simple and scalable. Our stores have a small footprint and on average require 10 to 15 part time entry level employees. The only cooking involved is the preparation of Boba, which doesn't require the use of a hood or fryer.

    High Quality

    To achieve and sustain the high standards we spare no effort in delivering excellence. We subject our products to rigorous testing, promptly making adjustments when necessary. We highly value customer feedback, using it to consistently enhance the taste and freshness of our beverages, ensuring they are always at their best.


    We are dedicated to assisting individuals who have opted for a healthy lifestyle and take pride in presenting a diverse array of nutritious choices. Additionally, we are delighted to include gluten-free and vegan selections on our menu.

    Fresh and Fun

    We believe fresh and fun go hand in hand. We use the freshest fruits and vegetables available. We make it a point to keep artificial ingredients to a bare minimum because being healthy makes us all happy.

    Made to Order

    Our beverages are as distinctive as the individuals who enjoy them. We take pleasure in offering our customers the liberty to craft personalized combinations in everything, ranging from smoothies and teas to fruit bowls. If they can envision it, we can craft it for them.

    As a Boba Nation franchise owner, there are plenty of perks you’ll enjoy

    All-in-one Business Solutions

    Established Brand Identity

    Access to an Expansive Menu of Over 250 Offerings

    Digital, Counter, and Hand Menus

    Mobile App Order Ahead with Loyalty Program

    A Strong Brand with a Global Following

    Opportunity for Growth and Expansion

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      Type of ownership you identify with*

      More About Boba Nation*

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